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Cocktail Talk

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April 2010 

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Bing v Google


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Cocktail Talk

Dear Craig,

Cocktail Talk
Welcome to
CN Consulting's "Cocktail Talk".

Cocktail Talk is a casual monthly newsletter intended to arm you with amusing bits and bytes of information on whats happening in the computer world.  Topics sure to break the ice and capture an audience at many a social or business event.


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But that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.

I Apologize.

I apologize Facebook People.

"Dear Craig:

You set up a Twitter acount and made Soulja Boy and Penn Gillette your friends and used it for a whole month but you won't even let me be your Facebook Friend and I caught a really big fish and how can you say all those bad things about Facebook without even using it?"

Please, take a breath, use punctuation even. I apologized already. In case you didn't hear me the first time let me say it a little louder. I APOLOGIZE. Happy? 

I'll tell you what*. I haven't looked at Facebook since Cocktail Talk September 2008 and the search for Roxanne. So let's visit Facebook, again, for a whole month, and write about it for the June Cocktail Talk. Cocktail Talk

So find me, friend me, poke me with with a cold makerel, send me pictures (No nudes! Rob.) do whatever it is Facebook People do. Here's even the picture I used so you can tell me from the other seven hundred seven or so Craig Phillips' out there. 


***** This is not an April Fool's prank. I really mean it. *****


Bing v Google

Cocktail TalkBarbara Eden never showed her belly-button on "I Dream of Jeannie.". If you don't believe me just Google it.

Google, Xerox and Rollerblade are more than just synonyms for search, copy and in-line skate. They are brand names that have become verbs Googling, Xeroxing and Rollerblading.

Googling accounts for 65% of all the internet searches in the United Sates. Guess who wants a piece of that? Yep, Microsoft.

Microsoft has launched an $80M campaign promoting it's Search Engine called "Bing". MSN tried a Google coup d'état in 2005 if you remember.

Bing? What's wrong with Google? Microsoft thinks Google gives you too much information. Something called "Search Overload Syndrome", which I think they made up because I Googled it. So Microsoft gives us "Bing, the decision engine.". Microsoft knows we shouldn't worry our pretty little heads trying to make decisions for ourselves and is going to look out for us. I feel better already.

Wait a minute. No, I don't. Maybe I want search overload. Maybe when I Google something I want the chance to go somewhere new and exciting. Maybe I want my interest piqued. I want to be sidetracked by obscure little clues and go on wonderful adventures at 3AM. I want to go as far and fast and off course as intelligence, creativity and desire can take me. "The cure for boredom is curiosity, and there is no cure for curiosity.".   Anyway.

Bing commercials are great. As close to Super Bowl Commercials as you can get without actually being a Super Bowl Commercial. Try this one;  Hawaii Bing Commercial YouTube . Funny thing about Bing commercials, they make me want to go Googling.

Now, how many Bing videos did you watch? Did you link-out to YouTube, watch the Hawaii Bing video, and come straight home? If you didn't come right home maybe you suffer from  "Search Overload Syndrome". Don't worry, Bing has a cure for that. 

Microsoft did put together a sexy little toy to compare Bing and Google. will give you a side-by-side comparison of search results from Bing and Google. If you Bing "Bing", Bing Crosby comes up before Bing the Decision Engine. That doesn't seem biased, but I still don't trust them.

Different results come up in Bing and Google and ultimately its the one you like best that will win. CN Consulting comes up 1st in Google, but on the bottom of page 2 in Bing. There, having completed my evaluation of Bing I wholeheartedly recommend Google. 


Bing, Google, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.


Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.


* Lady, you and that fish look alot alike.

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