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March 2009
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$12 Coffee
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Cocktail Talk
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Cocktail Talk
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$12 Coffee
CoffeeStarbuck's gets credit for it. The brainiacs writing books on trends call it "Coffee Me". Its not a cup of coffee, its an expression of you.
I went to Starbuck's in the mall with my niece. Reading the menu was like reading a foreign language, which it is. It is a foreign language, Italian or something. That way you won't feel superior.  
Roxanne ordered first; "Expresso Macchiato, Doppio, Venti, Half-Caf, Peppermint, Soy Substitute.". 
I ordered; "Large, black, and strong. Just like me." 
I win. mine was $1.95, hers, about $12.00.  I'm sure mine should have cost more because it said so much more about me than hers did her but Starbuck's evidently doesn't cater to people like me.
Hollywood Movie Stars pay $12,000 or more for a purse to hold walking the Red Carpet. Nancy paid big bucks for my Halliburton Zero stainless steel, Euro-Trash, Drug Dealer, Diamond Smuggler, looking PC man-purse. These are expressions of us.
Larger than coffee, larger than purses, larger than Zero, is the Notebook Computer. Yep, you guessed it. Its an expression of you. Judge Ito may have started it when Apple paid him to flip the logo on his PC so it was right-side up during the O.J. trial. Maybe it was the kids that put stickers on them. I don't know.
But now you can get your Notebook in hundreds of personal designs. Dell offers "Joseph Amodokpo African Deities 1", "Siobhan Gunning Viva Africa 9", "Jason Bacon Flight 4234 in Yellow" just to name a few.  These designs are an expression of you.
Sitting in the vast glass conference room, across from old Boss Moneybucks, wearing your blue pin-stripe "trust me" suit, you pop open your "Death to the Capitalist Jackals" Notebook and get to it. Its so you.
The Traffic Cop grabs your ass, cars flash their headlights, a shirtless man watches you from the balcony and just then a hot blonde chic kisses you full on your lips. Whew!  All that and Mick Jagger singing how cool you are just for buying a Dell (Project Red) Notebook Computer. It must be true or they couldn't show it on TV..
Red says you care, about Aids, in Africa, which is so noble there's no mention whatsoever of the capabilities of the computer. Who cares if it works. It says you get groped by Traffic Cops, watched by shirtless men and macked on by hot blonde chics you've never met. 
It doesn't matter if Dell used a boy or a girl in the commercial because whatever you are it can be you if you just go buy the Dell Project Red Notebook. I spoke with a coed yesterday whose roomate has one. Thousands of soon-to-be college voices are screaming "Mommy, I want one!  Everybody else has one!"
Coffee is an expression of you.  Maybe you care more about what kind of coffee your buying than what junk they can put in it. You're still supporting the fight against Aids in Africa as long as you go to Starbuck's. Unfortunately black coffee there is the pits. You don't have to believe me, read the menu, its the Italians that throw all the junk in to make it palatable.
Your Notebook is an expression of you too. But, you can buy a Notebook that actually works. That might say more important things about you. Use your Project Red American Express Card and you're still supporting the fight against Aids in Africa.
You don't have to get a fancy mural on your Notebook, or a stand-out color that screams you care. Besides, there are only three colors for Notebooks anyway; Black, Grey, and Gray.
Write a check, volunteer, join a club, adopt a highway, sell raffle tickets, and buy a Notebook for what it does. But that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.
Thank you for reading,
Craig Phillips
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