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January, 2009

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Cocktail Talk
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Danger Will Robinson!

CerryCyberspace, the last frontier. Warning!  Danger Will Robinson!

Yes, clients call when internet things go wrong. Sometimes they go a little wrong, sometimes they go alot wrong.

Just the other day a friend and client, let's call her Gerry for privacy sake, emailed saying "OMG, you would not believe what just came up on my screen!". Well, I would and I would also have paid to see the expression on Gerry's face. This is a little gone wrong.


Seriously, what fun would it be to throw funky stuff at someone who's out there looking for funky stuff? The comic geniuses behind these attacks want shock value. They got it.

Problem solved, Gerry and I talked about an experience with another client. This client left his computer on all the time, which is not a problem. His home office however is  one door away from his master bedroom and during the night he was awakened by the sound of "donkeys and doors" as he put it.


This guy uses his computer to manage his investments and communicate with family via email. Thats it, punto final. So you'd wonder why his internet Home Page got highjacked**  to "Katrina Loves Ponies", but don't forget, they want the shock value. They got it that time. Again, a little gone wrong.

These people didn't go looking for trouble, trouble was looking for them.  Other people invite trouble in for a few beers and to meet the family. 

One wildcat Mortgage Broker gets a "misdirected" email from with an attached video called  "pajama (hehe) party"  and he has to share it with the high-school buddies he's in business with. Next thing you know we're chasing a virus around the office, which is like trying to herd cats. Nobody gets email, internet comes up porno, files leaking out all over. This is a bigger gone wrong.

An extreme case of things gone wrong from Fox News.

Computer malware may have cost a former Massachusetts civil servant his job, his friends, his health insurance, his pension - and nearly his freedom.

Michael Fiola entered his own personal hell in March 2007 when his boss at the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents told him that a large amount of pornography, including kiddie porn, had been found on his state-issued laptop - and that he was being fired immediately.

But on Monday, the state dropped the charges. Fiola's own computer expert concluded that the porn was the result of a massive computer infection that was using his PC to secretly store and upload pornographic images, and the state found no reason to contest that.

"The overall forensics of the laptop suggest that it had been compromised by a virus," said Jake Wark, spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney, according to the Boston Herald.

Tami Loehrs' 30-page report said the laptop had outdated and misconfigured virus-protection software, leaving it open to all sorts of exploitation.

Fiola and his wife now live in Rhode Island, where he works as an insurance salesman and is trying to salvage his reputation.

"I use a laptop now for work, but I do not go online until I go home," he told PC World. "My days of surfing the Web are over, because I don't wish this on anybody."

Notice he had to use "his own computer expert" to get off the hook.

If your family's home PC pops-up Katrina Loves Ponies you've probably got a virus, or not, that's your business, and that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.


Thank you for reading,


Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.


** Bad guys like to change your internet Home Page to Russian porn and make it so you can't change back to Disney This is called hijacking.. 

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