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January, 2011

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Dear Craig,

Cocktail Talk
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WineI gave my Son Marshall a set of my Golf Clubs, since graduating he's taken an interest in Golf and I want to encourage him. The other day he gave me the 3 Wood back, autographed by Paula Creamer. Paula Creamer, you remember, lead the U.S. Women's Team, the Dream Team, to win the Solheim Cup in Sugar Grove.


I've wanted to go to Sugar Grove for years. The exit sign for Sugar Grove always beckoned. Something about it, Sugar Grove, was appealing. Sugar Grove, tucked away in the corn fields of Illinois near the Mexican Border.


Paula lead the Dream Team. Brittany Lincicome, Natalie Gulbis became household names. Kristy McPherson, Cristie Kerr, Christina Kim proved to the world that no matter how you spell Christine they will still kick your ass. Women cheered, men lusted, Maxim and Playboy offered big-buck contracts. Which brings me to another type of Sugar, SugarSync.


SugarSync is a Cloud Backup and Synchronization Software. A competitor of Gillware Data, Carbonite (January 2010 Cocktail Talk), GoodSync, LapLink and Microsoft's SyncToy.

Let's say you have work and home computers. To bring your work home you send files as email attachments from your work email to your home email. Maybe you copy it of to a little flash drive to bring home. Back in the office you copy files back to your work PC trying to remember which is current and what goes where.


Sync Software, even Microsoft's Briefcase, manages this for you. A file's most recent version is considered current and is synchronized with other computers you use. Plug in your flash drive, run the sync program, done.


Backup Software, like Gillware Data, copies files you change to the internet Cloud so you can access them from anywhere. Just put the software on one or more PCs and your most current data is available from the Cloud on those PCs. Some even let you login to a website and access your files from a PC without their software.


SugarSync does all this and more. SugarSync backs up whatever you want to the Cloud. It's alot faster than the others so your initial mass backup isn't as painful. After the initial backup, where every file is new, it just backs up what you change. Again, faster than the others. Keep in mind that the speed of your internet connection, specifically the speed going up to the internet, is the main factor.


Your internet speed has two parts. Upload Speed and Download Speed. Download Speed determines how long it takes to get a movie, album, or software from the internet onto your PC. Upload Speed goes the other direction and is usually just sending your mouse clicks and keystrokes. Because the traffic going up is usually so much less than the traffic coming down, more resources are allocated southbound than northbound. You can go to  and see how you're doing.


 Know this, a Mega Bit and a Mega Byte are two different measurements. There are 8 Bits in a Byte. File sizes are reported in MegaBytes (MBs, big B). Transfer speeds are reported in MegaBits (Mbs, small b) so they look faster. A 100MB file is 800Mbs and your calculations will be off by 800% if you don't know any better. But anyway.


SugarSync backs up fastest. It also Syncronizes. Put SugarSync on your office and home PCs and the files you change in the office will be on your home PC when you get home. The files you change at home will be on your office PC when you roll in too. And you'll have a copy stored in the Cloud as well.

The copy stored in the Cloud is accessable from PCs with SugarSync, or through a website, or on your iPhone with a free App, or even on your iPad. Less preparation, no packing, just pull up whatever you want from wherever you are. Change it and its waiting for you wherever you go. "I'll send it to you when I get back in the office." is now "I just sent it to you."

SugarSync copies files in the background. Meaning it makes a list of what you've changed and copies them as it can without bothering you. Others do too, with some you schedule when you want the copying to happen, with some you don't. You can see what's in the queue anytime you want and a simple mouse-over tells you the percentage completed. Yes, the PCs need to be turned on for it to work.


You can also collaborate. Put a bunch of files on the web using SugarSync, invite via email  one or more other people and they will be able to access those files.

None of the Backup/Synchronization Softwares will synchronize your Outlook.They will not back it up either. SugarSync offers a solution. A real world solution, which makes me think they think. Which is nice.

Microsoft's PFBackup (Cocktail Talk September) will back up your Outlook data file. If you tell PFBackup to save it with a name that does not end in ".pst" SugarSync will not exclude it. If it's a big file, then it's a big file, you have to deal with it. But really, why synchronize Outlook files to death. Your email Post Office will deliver email to as many PCs as you want, and Contacts don't change that often. Why sync Junk and Deleted Items folders?


Things you think are Outlook really aren't anyway. Auto Complete when you start to type an email Address is not Outlook. It's the PC. Outlook does not start searching your Contacts when you start typing, it should, but it doesn't. Your PC remembers. Only your Sent Messages is out of sync.

So, gimme some sugar, or not, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk. 


Thank you for reading,


Craig Phillips
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