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July,  2009

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 World Golf Tour


CerryMaybe you're a computer "Gamer". I'm not. Unless you count Ameritrade. I'd rather be outside knocking the skin of a little white ball. Wearing my Danger Shoes, the ones with the spikes. 

I have seen lots of games and reviews of games and advertisements on my way to the end of the internet. It actually says; "You have reached the end of the internet.". For $75, or a nice bottle of Single Malt Scotch, I can take you there.

But just when I stopped to read the sign at the end of the internet it started moving away from me at light speed.  The internet it seems, is expanding as fast as the universe itself. And there it was, "World Golf Tour"(WGT). You can go there, and see it for yourself. .

WGT is not just a computer game. Oh, no!  Not just a computer game, and not only a computer game. WGT has its very own MyFace and Second Life built into its computer Golf game.

The Golf game is internet based, free[sic], multi-player, and nice to look at. It's comfortable, I'm not a Gamer and don't know from other games, but it's comfortable to me.

The MyFace hook is interesting. You create a profile and make imaginary friends. Just like MyFace. You have a "Wall" people can write on. Just like MyFace. You can lie your ass off. Just like MyFace. I don't know if you can post naughty pictures of yourself or not and don't want to know*. You can "Invite" "Friends" to join you from your your Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos and even LinkedIn. But then, you can actually do something with them. You can Golf. That seems to be a step beyond MyFace.

Playing Golf against your imaginary friends means competition, and competition means winners and losers, and a hierarchy. A way to rank yourself against others, the stuff society thrives on. Could someone's status in this "world" actually be important? Sadly, yes. Enter "Second Life" for a moment.

"Second Life is a free online virtual world imagined and created by its Residents. From the moment you enter Second Life, you'll discover a fast-growing digital world filled with people, entertainment, experiences and opportunity." According to htttp://  (them).

WGT has its own "Second Life" hook too. In Second Life you, the earthly, mortal, real, you, shell out real money to buy 'Linden Dollars". You use those to buy your Second Life you clothes and cars or go to nightclubs and try to impress other "Residents". 

Currency in the Second Life virtual world is Linden Dollars. The Linden Dollar guy made millions and wrote a book. I read it, it wasn't a good read, but it explained alot. The Linden Dollar people turn virtual money into real money and vice-verse.

Maybe you program a sexy Second Life motorcycle and sell it to me for Lindens and then convert them to real money. Its just like buying software really. Except you have to pay the currency exchange to jump in or jump out. 

WGT lets you buy stuff too. A Ping G10 is only 400 credits. 100 Credits is $1.00 on Visa or MasterCard. WGT has a Pro Shop and everything! I don't know how you'd jump out but it seems like you should be able to launder some gambling money with WGT. They did it in Second Life.

Lets say I buy a bunch of credits and scribble on your Wall that you're a Shank-a-Potomus and you challenge me to a round of stakes Golf. A Skins Game perhaps. If you can exchange credits on the inside and then cash out thats pretty good money laundering**. 

There are no wasps, bees, geese, car horns, talkative partners, extremes of cold or heat, or lightning bolts in WGT.. Also missing is your fat, old, drunk, smelly, haven't got a rats-chance-in-a-blender, buddies trying to flirt with the 20 year old Beer Cart Girl***.

So put on your Danger Shoes and Michael Jackson glove, and grab your mouse. You've got a Tee Time with your imagnary friends, or not, thats your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.


Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.


* email me. The answer, not the pictures.

** Just kidding. Even the Porno Stars on the internet pay taxes on their earnings.

*** Guys, and Gals, really, its embarrassing and disrespectful on so many levels.



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