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NinjaIt seems you can't say nothing to nobody without getting in trouble. So before I say anything let me explain a little something. 


Kathy Griffin was at the Chicago Theater. I'd never seen a performance at the Chicago Theater. I'd been in it, up in the catwalk, on stage, back stage, down in the boiler room, in the plenum chambers, the projection booth, even the Green Room. Sat in the seats too, just never saw a performance. Jeff (not his real name) got us the owner's seats. Also got us in using the side door to avoid the lines.


After making our way to row eight through a crowd of diminutive perfectly groomed young men with their sweaters tied aroung their necks and settling in, I turned to Nancy (not her real name) and said: "There are alot of Gays here tonight." Oh boy.


"What did he say?" came from the confrontational, yet waifish, young Gay on her left. Puh-leez-uh.


There were, after all, alot of Gays there that night. Kathy Griffin even asked them all to stand up and cheer. Maybe by recognizing them I was ruining the suprise, I wasn't "outing" anybody*.


If stating the obvious is wrong, then I was wrong and I  apologize. I'll state the obvious here, and hope not to offend anyone, at the risk of being wrong again.


I manage client websites and several of my own, they have registered domain names that come up for renewal each year. I get 90 Day, 60 Day, 30 Day and 3 Day notifications concerning renewal. I also get some junk mail.


Domain Registry of America sends me junk mail, not email, when a domain name registered to me comes up for renewal, "As a courtesy ". How nice of them.


Thing is I do not use Domain Registry of America and they are not the Registrar of the domain names they remind me about. They make it seem like it, even make it look like I owe them money when I don't. They want me to transfer ownership of my $15 a year domain name to them so I can pay $35 a year. They would also like me to buy similar sounding domain names from them for my benefit.


Jonathan Waltz (not his real name) from Flex Media Domains knows that I have registered, and says "it is recommended own both the singular/plural versions".  Nice guy to look out for me like that. Jonathan says I should buy the rights to , with an 's' at the end, the plural, to avoid "confusion". They have a link right in the email so I can go to their website and bid on the rights.  Except that neither Jonathan Waltz or Flex Media Domains owns the rights to So how does this work? Do I bid against Jonathan's imaginary friend until Jonathan rents so he can sell his rights to me? I can go buy it right now for $15, why should I bid? 


People do buy/rent domain names speculating that some company will want them and pay big bucks. sold for $13,000,000 in 2010. In 2004 Microsoft sued teenager software writer Mike Rowe for the name after he rejected their offer of $10 to give it up. Microsoft said Mike Rowe Soft was looking for a big payday. He wanted $10,000.


Internet Corporation Listing Service sends letters too. Theirs say right on them "This is not a bill", maybe because it looks so much like a bill. They offer to list websites in "up to 25 established search engines" using "up to eight search words".  Hello! This is free, Google does it all by itself. If it makes you feel better you can pay Google.



I'm not "outing" Domain Registry of America, Flex Media Domains, or Internet Corporation Listing Service as shady characters. All I'm saying is, you can blame a guy for trying. That's why Attempted Murder isn't given a "do-over". 




Maybe you think "No harm, no foul.", maybe you  think "Attempted Robbery",  that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.



Thank you for reading,


Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.


*  I imagined Kathy Griffin  having all the Gays tie their sweater sleeves together and then giving them a hard pull to make the heads clack together like Dominoes, but didn't say it out loud.

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