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Online Backup Software

CherryMore and more people are wanting to backup their PCs. Maybe PCs been around long enough that everyone has been burnt.  More and more products are out there to help you satisfy your need to perform backups.

Mozy is an online backup product that has been pounding me with advertisements on Pandora and Hulu and I'd probably buy Mozy if they promised to go away and leave me alone. Carbonite is another one and its from Google! $50 a year to backup as much data as you want. Its a no-brainer right? Here's how it really works.

Carbonite will back up everything you keep in "My Documents" to the Cloud. The Cloud being an internet Server Farm somewhere far enough away that you won't both get hit by the same lightning.

What's not in your My Documents is probably Windows and  Microsoft Office and other programs you have on CD anyway. What you create and care about you can store in My Documents. So just herd your Quickbooks and Microsoft Outlook files, Contacts, email and such, into My Documents so they get backed up. If you don't know where those files are or what they're called just read alittle more.

The first Carbonite backup will take about 12 hours per gigabyte and may take up to a month. It says that right during the installation.  You can use your PC like normal and Carbonite will backup as much as it can when it can. Once done you're all good.

After the initial backup Carbonite will only backup the files in My Documents that are new or changed. You will have the latest version of whatever you have backed up in case something goes wrong, and, it will be somewhere else in case the house burns down, but still at your fingertips. 

A few changes to little files won't take much time to backup at all. Throw in a bunch of new files, upload your camera, and it may take a day or two. Eventually you'll have a current backup. If something does go wrong during that process you've still got yesterday's version.

Change a big file and it may take days to backup. The thing about big files is that when you change them they are changed. One little change and the whole great big file is flagged for backup. If something happens during that process you've got last week's version.

Microsoft keeps all your Outlook stuff like Contacts and Folders in a file called a PST. Quickbooks keeps your financials in a file called a QBW. An average PST will be about 1 gigabyte, 12 hours to backup. A business' Quickbooks may have several years of transactions, lets say another 12 hours. One little change a day and your backup may never be current.

The other side of backup and recovery is recovery. If your files take a month to backup with Carbonite, how long will they take to recover? 

Here's an idea, get a little USB drive and backup your stuff yourself. Cobian, GoodSync, even Windows will backup all your files, using Windows Task Scheduler, while you sleep. 

Cobian, which is free, will make readable, usable backups, and keep as many versions as instructed. This way you can go back to a previous date and get files you may have changed and wish you hadn't.

GoodSync, will copy from your PC to a USB drive keeping both versions identical. Or, and this is what I like, copy files one direction only. GoodSync will replacie existing files on the USB with current ones from the PC without propugating deletes. Not propugating deletes means your copies on the USB are intact even after you delete the originals from the PC, giving you an archive of seldom used files and letting you keep your PC free of clutter.


Online Backup, USB, Cobian, GoodSync, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.


Thank you for reading,


Craig Phillips
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