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Cocktail Talk

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April, 2009

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Cocktail Talk

Dear Craig,

Cocktail Talk
Welcome to
CN Consulting's "Cocktail Talk".

Cocktail Talk is a casual monthly newsletter intended to arm you with amusing bits and bytes of information on whats happening in the computer world.  Topics sure to break the ice and capture an audience at many a social or business event.

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Pop Quiz


Cocktail TalkBoy Scouts of America Troop 129's Monkey Patrol were not in their tents fast asleep. Instead they had taken it upon themselves to sneak out and brave the dark woods to hike to the nearby Girl Scouts of America encampment where they were greeted with hot, sticky-sweet, S'Mores.


This behavior was not condoned by the Boy, or Girl, Scouts of America or their Parents.


The adults responsible did their best and used their best judgemnet but just fell short of the goal. It happens.


Pop Quiz #1: Parents, would you rather have your child attend a party at;


A) A home with a gun collection.

B) A home with a swimming pool.


The vast majority of parents answered B. Fact of the matter is accidental death by drowning in the United States is 4 times more likely than that of death by accidental firearms discharge*. You can argue it any way you want and that's the point. 


Your PC has undoubtedly become a major factor in how you live and when it has a problem, you have a problem. Viruses, Spyware and Adware can make your life miserable. 


Pop Quiz #2: Parents, is it more dangerous to have your children using your computer to;


A) Surf Porno.

B) Download music.


Your initial thought might be porno is more dangerous but this is Cocktail Talk and it is more dangerous to download music. You can argue it any way you want and that's the point.


The top Virus, Spyware and Adware threats are free music dowmloaders Limewire, Grokster, and KaZaa. Not porno. Porno is big business, arguably the world's oldest business, and you're not likely to catch anything through internet porno.


Its almost unfair to label them as "top" because the other free music softwares are just as dangerous. But they are the most popular and reach the most homes. Limewire alone resides on over 1.5% of PCs worldwide with over 250,000 downloads a week.

Reading this description of Grokster makes it pretty clear how you're at risk;

"Grokster allows its users to share all types of digital files via the Internet with millions of other users. This version of Grokster can be used for free with accompanying ads." Millions sharing, that's scary, like a kid in public school during Flu Season scary, or couped up in a stale smelling airplane scary.

Allow me to point out the phrase "accompanying ads". The following partial list reads like the "begats" in the Old Testament but it shows just how many "accompanying ads" there can be.

Active Delivery, CasinoOnNet, ClipGenie, CommonName, Cydoor, DelFin Media Viewer, DownloadWare, eUniverse, FavoriteMan, FlashTrack, Gator, IGetNet, IGetNet/ClearSearch, IncrediFind, IPInsight, Look2Me, Lycos.SideSearch, NetworkEssentials, NetworkEssentials/SCBar, PeopleOnPage, RVP, SAHAgent, Search-EXE, SearchEnhancement, TOPicks, VX2/e, VX2/f, and Webhancer

OK, you're not convinced. What about this warning from the biggest PC Security organization on earth?

"Any peer-to-peer file swapping program, such as Grokster, KaZaa, and Limewire, in an organization, can degrade network performance and consume vast amounts of storage. May create security issues as outsiders are granted access to internal files. Often bundled with Adware or Spyware."

Of course thousands of songs use vast amounts of storage. Granting  access of our PC to people in China and other countries that don't even recognize our Copyright Laws is foolish. The relentless pop-up ads for teen chat and love connections are anoying and embarassing. 


The free download pop-ups that people click OK on just to get their music fix are even more deadly. Do you really need 6 differnt menus along the top of your web browser? Google Helper, MSN, Yahoo, they all try to piggyback on a wanted download. The bad ones usually happen when you agree to "speed up your download" by downloading something you've never heard of before.


PC is an acronym for "Personal Computer" and maybe you shouldn't turn anyone loose on yours. Its OK, good, even great, to have a PC that's used just for dangerous things. A PC that will muck-up, crash, and lose things peiodically. Its actually a great way to clean house, to start with a clean slate. This is called a DMZ PC which sits outside your Firewalled fortress and is controlled. Not the PC you use to pay your bills and run your business.

I prefer vinyl, maybe you prefer digital**, but thats your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.


Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.


* United States Government statistics on the top 113 causes of accidental death per 100,000 is 0.3 for Accidental Firearms Discharge and 1.2 for Accidental Drowning.


The were no statistics available on Accidental Drowning or Firearms Discharge while surfing porno.


** Sorry Chris, "maybe you prefer leather" was funny though. Thanks for that.

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