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September 2009 

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Cocktail Talk

Dear Craig,

Cocktail Talk
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Cocktail Talk is a casual monthly newsletter intended to arm you with amusing bits and bytes of information on whats happening in the computer world.  Topics sure to break the ice and capture an audience at many a social or business event.


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 Search Engine Optimization


Cocktail TalkThe Asian girls (Mongolian I think) flipped the train seats so they could face each other and share an iPod. Facing each other means one of them is also facing me, from 2 1/2 feet away, which makes the 1 1/2 hour train ride uncomfortable.

The first 2-3 dozen pictures they took of each other looking whistfully out the window or flashing MTV gansta-wannabe hand signs while pouting were amusing.  I didn't even mind moving the ponytail, that had to be tossed repeatedly over the seat into my lap, off my book. I think its the "Daddy" in me that's so forgiving and understanding. Eventually the repeated flash in my eyes burned my left retna so I closed my eyes, to avoid permanent damge, and began to daydream.

No, I was not dayreaming about a pair of 20 year old Mongolian girls and a camera. I was daydreaming about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Most people don't understand SEO and its no suprise.  Most people want their business listed in the top ten sites returned on a web search. Google "CN Consulting" and we'll come up 3rd, Bing and we're 1st, same for Yahoo. Thank you. There are other "CN Consulting"'s out there but not so many that we get lost. Still, they are lower ranked and we win.

Most companies will come up on a search by name. Company names will be fairly unique just because the law says so when you incorporate. Its the services or products you provide that you want hits on. You want everybody searching for your products and services to find your business over everyone else's. But how? How do Google, Bing and Yahoo know about you?

They have "Robots" and "Spiders". Robots are automated procedures to perform internet tasks. A robotic procedure to gather information on websites and return it for indexing is a Spider.  Spiders read your website, including names of pictures, its description, and some things called Keywords and Metatags.

Go to your website using Internet Explorer. Use the View menu and click Source. About ten lines down you'll see Description, Keywords, and Metatags, or words something like that. If that information doesn't have anything to do with what you do you may want to fix it.

Search Engines don't rely on Keywords and Metatags like they did in the early 2000's but they still do to some extent. Search Engines are more interested in your site's description and its content. Spiders actually read your website. To what depth I don't know so say what's important to you right up front. Say it loud and say it proud, and often. Think what your prospective client would search for and how they would type it.

Take some time to think up keywords and shuffle them around. Visit your employee with the little magnet words stuck all over their cubicle. You know, the one that doesn't do anything all day. Get some of those and experiment. Maybe you're "Buckie's Florida Salt-Water Fishing Reels, Inc". Maybe you think people would type: "salt-water fishing reels fla". Like that.

Pepper your pages with descriptive words people would search on to find your products. Maybe on your Home Page it says: "Salt-water fishing reels are our business at Buckie's Salt-Water Fishing Reels of Florida." right at the top.

Or, you can waste the focus of your Home Page telling people about you; "My Sister, Dreadful-Dreary-Boring, and Cousin, Snivelling-:Little-Rat-Face, really enjoy filleting fish so when I got out of Joliette prison in Illinois we moved in with my Uncle, Homely-Fat-Nagging, in Chicago and opened our store." You probably won't get many hits on salt-water fishing reels in Florida using that on your Home Page.

Try this; imagine everyone at Wrigley Field standing. If you're not a Cubs Fan, sit down. If you don't have Cubs "spirit wear" on, sit down. If you're not a clueless college girl wearing a Fukudome (Fuk-U-Do-Me in Sorostitute*) jersey because you think its sexy, sit down. If you don't have a Cubs Debit Card, sit down. You can see how hard it would be to get to where you want to go and the internet is even bigger than Wrigley.

Maybe SEO is a little more clear now, maybe not, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk. 


Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.


Urban Dictionary explains Sorostitute better than I can.

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