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Seeing Green
CerryGoing "Green" is trendy and everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon. And, like always, you're the one thats going to suffer.

The United States Navy is bragging about its "Sleeping SAN".  That's SAN (Storage Area network), not SAM (Surface to Air Missile).

A SAN is a bunch of huge disk drives that aren't anywhere near you that you can use just like they're inside your Laptop.

The Navy is bragging because its Sleeping SAN goes into sleep mode (just like your PC) which saves %40 on energy.  It would save %100 if they turned it off completely. 

Well, I don't know exactly when the Navy expects its SAN to go into sleep mode, but "not on my watch" sounds reasonable. Maybe everything in the Navy should stay wide awake right now including SANs and SAMs.

Going Green has bragging rights for Corporate Executives too. Companies are saving big money going Green (not from saving energy) and that makes the top executives look good.

Computers and peripherals use electricity so they're a popular target. Instead of having printers in peoples cubicles companies have established Print Centers. Just like in the 1980's.  You print your stuff, enough stuff to make the walk worthwhile, and go pick it up. Other people handle it, read it, and accidentally toss it. You read theirs and toss theirs too.

So under the flag of saving energy there's one printer for ten people to share, which saves corporate 90% on printers, people have to actually walk to get their printouts, and they can't print all the silly personal stuff they waste their days creating. Sorry, no more color driving directions for lunchtime shopping or 4th of July Party invitations (which I have not received). That saves corporate money, and that's great, but has little to do with being Green. Even the Data Center, Holiest of Holies, is going Green.

Green Data Centers have UV protective tinted windows, indoor lighting that adjusts according to the sunlight coming in,  are a comfortable 71 degrees, have grass growing on the roof, and Mr. Coffee coffee makers are limited to 1,000 watts. Thats not how it used to be, not how it should be. Its just not right.

A real Data Center has no windows, the lights are florescent which makes your pasty white skin look green and they flicker creating a nice strobe effect, its so cold you can see your breath, the roof is called the first floor because you're in a basement, and you wouldn't dare bring in even a cup of coffee. If you want coffee its on top of the cigarette machine in the break room next to the stale chocolate-on-chocolate doughnuts by the Dungeons and Dragons magazines. That is a Data Center.

Oh, the clocks. It was always twelve seconds to midnite in a Data Center and those twelve seconds were painted red. Those red seconds are how long you've got to evacuate if a fire starts. After twelve seconds a Halon 1301 discharge sucks all the oxygen out of the room.

With no disrespect to the United States Navy; major technological accomplishments housed in the Data Center are not called "Sleeping SAN", they are called "Spock' or 'Kirk". Trust me on this; I've seen multi-million Fortune 200 Data Center glass with NC-1701 on it and traced internet routes through servers named Spock.

Please leave our Data Centers alone, You can go Green if you want, thats your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.

Thank you for reading,
('Live long and prosper."),
Craig Phillips
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