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September, 2008
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Social Networking
CerryThe Chief Technology Officer of a pharmaceutical company in Schaumburg asked me to look at increasing their internet bandwidth because "working" on the internet was slow. I don't recommend throwing money at something just to throw money at it and wondered if they needed more bandwidth to use, or to use less bandwidth.
Less than 50 computers on-site, no telecommuting, no web based applications, there shouldn't have been much traffic. So where was all the traffic coming from?  
The Server's internet log showed a lot of surfing for personal enjoyment (aka: porn) and personal enjoyment uses lots of bandwidth. The log was large, old and incomplete. A new log was started and in 5 days I'd look at it again.
Five days went by and the log clearly identified a  large number of people that were personally enjoying the internet. The CTO asked me for answers and I told him, without giving any detail, I'd have his bandwidth problem fixed in a week. 
We leaked that there was an internet log and it was being audited and it told everything that everyone did. The CTO would also hear this and ask if he could see the log and I'd have to say yes.
All week they came in, some two or three times, trying to find out just exactly how much I knew.  I told everyone a new log would start Monday and be reviewed by management Friday. If they couldn't figure that out I couldn't help them. The CTO came to see me and asked when he could see the log, we set a Friday date. 
Next Friday came, the CTO thanked me for fixing the problem, and asked if he should review the log. I just said "no", and we left it at that. 
Lost productivity was more expensive than the cost of bandwidth. Surfing porn is a pretty clear no-no, but does it really matter where you surf? email, surfing, IMing, it's all wasted time. 

Just in case you've ever worked at a sports bar; 20 employees surfing, IMing, and emailing 3 minutes an hour adds up to one full-time employee. Six minutes would equal two. Nine would be three. If you said four, Carmen, I'll have a fifty-cent Budweiser and so will all my new friends.  
But what about you? You're not like that. You check your email, google directions to a restaurant or two, buy shoes and update MySpace/Facebook, but that's only in the morning. You can't help it people IM, text, and email you throughout the day. Don't forget to check MySpace/Facebook again, someone might post a pic of their dog or something. 
** Hot Tip! - When someone texts or IMs you at work saying they're bored they're scraping the bottom of the barrel. You. They have no respect for your time, or you, or your job. **  
Lets just call the teen and tween dating sites MyFace from here out to save ink.
It doesn't seem like you'd get much done sitting on MyFace all day while you're IMing your peeps. You may even think that companies would be against all that Social Networking. Surprisingly they're not. Nope, the vast majority are OK with it and 10% even encourage it.
Only 23% of companies block MyFace Social Networking sites, but only because they're classified as Dating Sites. Its not like those companies are against all Social Networking, just Dating Sites, maybe they're in favor of more professional Social Networking like LinkedIn. 
I don't know if the 23% that block MyFace also block and because they're Dating Sites, or if the 10% that encourage Social Networking also encourage surfing Dating Sites, but there's a link to email me somewhere around here in case you'd like to enlighten me. 
Two out of three IT people are into Social Networking but of course they're young and hip and make a ton of money and race motorcycles. Here's another surprise though, they like LinkedIn and use it for Professional Networking. Good news, bad news, bad news. They're not wasting time, they're looking for better jobs, and they're on the clock.
I mentioned MyFace to a 20-something IT friend and he said; "MyFace? Doesn't Chris Hansen and MSNBC come to your house if you go on MyFace?"  More of a LinkedIn type (single-hot-straight-male email me for pics) I guess. Maybe the 23% don't want Chris Hansen and MSNBC in their lobby.

MyFace, LinkedIn,,, IM, email, surf, thats your call, and your employer's, and that's Cocktail Talk. 
Thank you for reading,

Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.
PS Yes I checked, and No it doesn't. And if you did, why? But it would have been funny if it did.  
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