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August, 2008
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SMS "Texting"
CerrySMS Texting, "texting", is way popular. Texting is possible through SMS, an acronym for Small Message Services, and is available world wide. Texting has the capabilities of email with the advantage of immediate receipt. Send, beep, right to your phone which is always there and always on, even in the shower. Throw in texting's informality, shorthand, and conversation like usage and wow.

When email was invented there were two camps. One wanted email to be formal and one wanted it to be informal. If you spend lots of time composing emails, trying to get those words just right, maybe so much time you should just call, you may be in the first camp. That doesn't necessarily put you in first camp but if you ding someone on a type-o it does. I am in the second camp.

SMS messaging was pay-per-letter and creative abbreviations were used to save letters like on Vanity Plates. 2, 4, c, r, u, and y for example. Now its just easier, and faster, to use shorthand.

Today's texting shorthand is a combination of acronyms, gangsta, ebonics, old school and phonetics. This language is what puts texting up and over on Blackberry and Palm PDA mobile email users. PDA users for the most part still write sentences using words.They communicate full thoughts asking multiple questions and relaying complete information. Texting is a conversation. A very hip conversation.

Text language you may already know:
2 - To or Too
4 - For
bf - Boy friend
gf - Girl friend
G - Gangsta
c - see
cus - Because
ne1 - Anyone
ez - Easy
sup - What's up
b4 - Before
2nite - Tonight
brb - Be Right Back
g2g: - Got To Go
idk - I Don't Know (surprisingly the most common text acronym used by teens)
idc - I Don't Care
lol - Laugh(ing) Out Loud / Lots of Love
omg: Oh My God (or Gosh)
k or kk: Okay
143 or <3 - I love you
ily - I Love You
w8 - Wait
h8 - Hate
l8 - Late
l8r - Later
w/e - Whatever
r - Are
u - You
y - Why
ppl - People

Throw in a few of your own and you're texting. Google has huge glossaries of obscure text language for your entertainment.

SMS is a tool and can be used in many good ways. Missing Child Alerts from the Police are texted to subscribers. Universities and Colleges use SMS to text students across sprawling campuses with broadcast messages communicating information including alerts of danger. Pagers and callbacks from IT people are replaced with texts from their networks.

There are bad uses too. Students have been caught in elaborate cheating schemes all around the world. One school in England nabbed nearly 300 SMS cheaters in 2004. Bear in mind SMS can send a picture of an entire exam page in one message, not just a single answer. Teachers complain that texting during class is lowering grades. Texting has replaced Playstation as an alternative to studying. Small, easy to conceal, silent.

There's Parental Control Software (AT&T Smart Limits) you can use to block out school hours, or sleep hours, or grounded hours. Get it, learn it, use it.

Parties, and even riots (Sydney 2005), are orchestrated using broadcast text messages. Texting is also an effective tool against the Security Guard's walkie-talkie. If the person you're talking to gets a text it may be about you.

A Malaysian court even ruled that its legal to divorce through texting as long as you are "clear and unequivocal". I'm a little fuzzy on this one, maybe "i h8 u"  has to be included in the text message for it to stick.

But what about real life people like you and me?

OK, I get text with picture messages from frat parties at U of I and no longer complain about my Son's cell bill. Which brings me to another point.  Paparazzi isn't just for drunken celebrities anymore. What should be kept under your blouse (OMG) can be sent like Seven Steps to Kevin Bacon. Have a nice job interview and please wear your cleanest sorority baseball cap. Small wonder we outsource off-shore.

Thanks to technology we are required to be less literate than ever before. Spellcheck fixes my documents before I print them and my emails before I send  Corrections happen on the fly and are barely noticeable to me. Most people seem happy to have the computer relieve them of the burden of spelling. 
Example; I was called to a Client's Sports Bar, its Server crashed. The Server took orders punched in by waitstaff, routed drink orders to the bar, food orders to the kitchen, and billed accordingly. I saw first hand that a waitress used to pushing a picture of a cheeseburger and bottle of beer has no clue how to do things any other way. Poke a picture, swipe a Credit Card, ask for a signature, done.
Customers were asked to pay anywhere from fifty cents to five dollars for a beer, if they got one at all.  Most waitresses just hid or charged what they knew how to make change for which was pretty damned funny to watch. Three dollars from a ten is not eight 
Carmen Electra.
The staff in this case went from functionally illiterate to malfunctioning illiterate in minutes when their computers went down. Guess what?   Thanks to texting there's a new generation of malfunctioning illiterates on the way. h8 2 say it lol.

Here's an actual example of a "My Summer Vacation" paper written by a 13 year old.

She wrote: "My smmr hols wr CWOT. B4, we used 2go2 NY 2C my bro, his GF & thr 3 :- kids FTF. ILNY, it's a gr8 plc."

In translation: "My summer holidays were a complete waste of time. Before, we used to go to New York to see my brother, his girlfriend and their three screaming kids face to face. I love New York. It's a great place."
g2g  Don't forget to write/text, idk, its your call, idc, and that's Cocktail Talk. w/e

l8r ppl <3
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