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BourbanSanibonani (Hello in Zulu*).

Hey Boss!  I have an idea. Let's run our company's mission critical applications on Shareware. You'd most likely be put off the fast track.

The term Shareware has an association with games and toys. But you may be surprised just how much Shareware you already use and how much you rely on it. You may be surprised what big business Shareware is, and who's accepting it as mainstream.

Internet Explorer (IE)  is reportedly the result of stolen Mozilla code. You use that don't you? Mozilla was the code name for AOL Netscape and that was Shareware. The Mozilla Foundation puts out Firefox and you may be using that as an alternative to IE. Google is Shareware, GOOG on the NYSE @ $392 a share and was as high as $747 this year.

Odds are the websites you visit are running on Linux, Shareware, instead of Microsoft. Apache Server is way more popular than Microsoft's IIS. The name Apache came from the fact that the software was a collaborative effort of people worldwide that added "patches" to the product. So many patches that it became known as "a patchy" software. Apache.

Shareware website development software is popular too. Adobe software is about $2,000, Mambo is free. is a Mambo site. Yebo (Yes in Zulu) people are billing for sites they develop in Shareware. Yebo, I am steering the boat in both pictures.

Shareware's alot easier to digest if you call it Collaborative Software or Open Source Software. Wikipedia is Collaborative. Anyone can add their input to Wikipedia. Wiki means quick in Hawaiian which isn't Zulu but I don't know why.

Big names are going Open Source. Dell and HP both offer mini-book PCs for about $375 that come with Open Source software instead of Windows. Ubuntu (ooboontoo, Zulu for Humanity) is a Linux derivative thats popular on mini-books across the board.  You can get Vista Home for an additional $75. You'd need to upgrade to Vista Business in most cases and that gets you to about $475 for the $375 mini-book.

You'd probably need to have an office suite on your mini-book for it to be useful. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email, maybe even Access or Publisher. Add $499 for Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. Or, take a look at Open Office. Open Office has Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database and Presentation software in its suite. Its free, Shareware, Open Source.

So you've got $375 mini-book with Ubuntu and the Open Source Office Suite vs. a $975 mini-book after adding Microsoft. You can see an overview of Ubuntu, with Open Office, with pictures, at Kulula (its easy, in Zulu).

What about compatibility?  I can't do a matchup of everything you're using Microsoft for against Open Source software, but Google has a version in Zulu. You can get questions answered at  or Google though. Because its Collaborative / Open Source lots of people are writing hooks for it. Remote users would be interested in Gnome RDP to attach their new mini-book running Ubuntu to the office network.

People don't generally like change and prefer to stick with what they know even if its flawed.  In January, Windows XP is no longer available. Right now XP is a "downgrade" from Vista on a new PC. So in January nibiza (you change, in Zulu) . Most people don't know much more about Vista than Unbutu so either choice is a leap of faith. If you ask people what they do know about Vista they'll tell you it doesn't work. 

Yebo Ubuntu or hhayibo (no way!, in Zulu), but that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.

Hambani kahle - Salani kahle (Go well / Stay well, in Zulu),

Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.

* Not to be confused with the outstanding 1964 movie Zulu with Michael Caine.
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