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March, 2008
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Well Placed Fear
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Cocktail Talk
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Cocktail Talk
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Well Placed Fear
CerryIts been said that the two greatest motivators in the world are greed and fear.

We've all been locked into a course of action just because someone pointed out an inherent risk we wish they wouldn't have. It put us in that "I told you so" zone and played on our fear.

Manipulating others through the use of fear is  one of the cornerstones of terrorism and I certainly don't approve of that so read at your own risk.

The Internet is a  vast and wondrous place where  all things are available to those who want them.  We  build firewalls around our home computers and those in our businesses and  limit what the innocent may blindly stumble onto.

Law and order has been slow in coming to the Internet, and while things are getting better we're far from safe., not to be confused with, is no longer an adult site. Nether is (.gov is the gov't site). They both used to be and you can bet some 5th graders, and parents, got an eyeful doing homework.

Now that we've explained the fact that you're an innocent victim of Internet baddies lets look at some of the bad neighborhoods to avoid.

gmail (and others) - Google's free email allows and encourages you to never delete your mail. gmail indexes for quick reference and you never have to worry about space. The Feds can have your gmail data in a New York heartbeat. Years of correspondence you thought was private all indexed for quick searches.

"Personal" Computer - Remember, its a "Personal" Computer. Make sure nobody else can get on your computer. Data Discovery software, like lawyers and police use, is available to everyone.
The last Data Discovery software I evaluated indexed my server quite well. Searching on the word  "sex"  I found several references. It seemed like every PDF file pertaining to my trip to Mexico  was dirty.  As it turned out the government wants to know what sex you are on or your Passport Application. It was a working vacation and I have a $600 cell bill to prove it.

NSFW - Not Suitable For Work. Use your work email for work and a personal email for personal use.  You just don't know who might send you what. Or who's looking at what you get.

Memberships - Membership data can be sold, lost, or stolen. Join with caution. Even getting Victoria's Secret emails can be bad at work. The risk of getting subscribed  without your knowledge is high. Bridal registry is particularly bothersome, but usually clean.

MySpace & Facebook - Does "Miranda" ring a bell? Colleges and employers are looking at your "space" on the web. You have no rights once you post to a public place.

Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist posed in a black bra and panties on a firetruck three years before becoming Mayor, used the pictures on her MySpace Page, and is no longer Mayor of Arlington Oregon.

Whatever you put out there is fair game and may even be there after you're dead. Sadly enough, murdered 18 year-old Kansas college student Emily Sander, who posed as "sexy" teen Zoey Zane, still lists thousands of hits on Google. Her exposure may have gotten her killed as well.

You can put the "Personal" back in Personal Computer if you try. But thats your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.

Thank you for reading,
Craig Phillips
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