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Cocktail Talk


February 2013

Cocktail Talk

Dear Craig:   

Welcome to CN Consulting's "Cocktail Talk".


Cocktail Talk is a casual monthly newsletter intended to arm you with amusing bits and bytes of information on whats happening in the computer world. Topics sure to break the ice and capture an audience at many a social or business event.


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Cocktail TalkThe March 2008 Cocktail Talk discussed the long, if not eternal, life of things posted on the internet. It also mentioned Emily Sander.


Emily Sander was an 18 year old community college student in Kansas working as internet porn star Zoey Zane. Emily Sander was murdered in 2007 yet porn sites of her as Zoey Zane still remained. There may be fewer porn sites hosting pictures of her today, I don't know. 


What I do know is that Wikipedia has this to say about all that:


"The Zoey Zane porn site featured a statement criticizing the media, saying they had blown Sander's porn career out of proportion. The statement reported that it was a shame that the site drew more viewers after the death of Emily than it had drawn previously. The Zoey Zane site is currently redirected to an online memorial for Emily Sander, and does not contain any photos from the original Zoey Zane website. However, an archived copy of the text is available for viewing via the Internet Archive."


Archived copy, Internet Archive? Could this be the end of the internet, the elephant's graveyard, where the "digitally born" go to die?


The Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that offers permanent storage of and free public access to collections of digitized materials, including websites, music, moving images, and nearly four million public-domain books.


It has an annual budget of $10 million, over 200 employees, data centers in San Francisco, Redwood City, and Mountain View. Its collection is mirrored for stability and endurance at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt.


The Internet Archive has many wondrous things. 


You can watch the actual television broadcast of All My Children from November 22nd 1963. The one interrupted by news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


You can watch Gumbasia. Art Clokey's first animated film, shot on his father's ping-pong table in the family garage. The film that got him hired to create and animate Gumby and Pokey.


You can read from a selection of almost 4 million books. Even books that have been banned by the government like Uncle Remus.


You can use the Wayback  Machine to see what a website looked like weeks, years, or decades ago.


You can contribute content to the Internet Archive. Your home movies, books you've written, the story of your life. The Internet Archive lets everyone upload content from the comfort of their own homes. 


Thanks to my brother Barry (not his real name) our family history in America dating back to before the revolution has been recorded in words and pictures*. Thanks to the Internet Archive his digitally born work will be preserved and available to everyone, including his children, and his children's children's children, in near perpetuity.


Maybe, someday, instead of epitaphs, tombstones will have search-words, enabling us to find pictures, video, and writings of those gone before us. Maybe the Internet Archive isn't the end of the Internet, maybe it's the after-life of the Internet.



You can find the Internet Archive at, or not, but that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk. 



Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips

CN Consulting, Inc.


 * You might be able to read these books, or look at the pictures, by searching barryphillips on 


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