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CerryPeople forward their concerns to me when they learn about a possible scam or virus. Generally they have some sort of "substantiation" that there is indeed a threat. Usually, the threat has been nothing more than a hoax. A hoax intended to scare them into sending the warning to everyone they know, me included, and so on. 


Substantiation in these cases usually comes from website / news communities too many to mention.  These writers are not the real experts on whether or not something is a virus.

The real experts are the ones writing the software to stop viruses and the people who've had to deal with them first hand. The antivirus software manufacturers and the user community.


When you have a question go to Symantec's website, or Trend Micro, or Computer Associates, they have Knowledge Bases with search features you can use to get the real story. Virus Definitions, Dictionaries, Threat Advisories and more. Security Focus has a more newsy feel. The User Community is also invaluable. Google part of the suspected threat's name or description and you can read what other people have to say.


There are threats out there. If you're sharp, relaxed, attentive, in your environment, it's usually not a problem. The problem comes when you're not.


At 11:00 PM on a Sunday night I get an email entitled "Pictures of your wife". OK, but we had gone out, and photographer friends roam the events and post pictures, and sometimes they ask permission to use them, and sometimes they just forward pictures along. Not from this guy though. Delete.


UPS, USPS, and FedEx are delivering things to me from several vendors and I really need to keep my finger on the pulse and the iPhone dings that I have an email entitled; "USPS Could not Deliver". I can't even find this email when I get back to the office, in my environment,  where there is Anti-Virus software. No need to Delete, except from the iPhone.


Both of these caught me in a vulnerable state. They seemed routine, of particular interest, even important. Christmas is coming, emails concerning credit cards, banks, UPS, FedEx, USPS may be off your watchlist. You may be in a vulnerable state.

This came recently from some school in Ohio. What these guys want is clear, but why? Do they want to call me? Read my steamy emails?


Email Users,

Due to numerous complaints on ongoing recent spam activities on your account, vital maintainance will be conducted on our Email servers.

To confirm and to keep your Email account active,a confirmation for ownership must be provided. Confirm the informations below.Failure to do this might cause a permanent deactivation of your Email Webmail account from our server.

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Your account shall remain active after you have successfully confirmed your above requested informations. We apologise for any inconveniences caused as a result of this notification. We thank you for your prompt attention to this notification.

Email Technical Support

The following email threat is real, and 3 years old, and somebody started using it again, and sent it to me. Its not as pretty as the original, without the colored bank logos, but official looking enough.  It might not be your bank this time, but there is tomorrow and when it's your bank the temptation gets greater. 


From; CitiBank Customer Service []

Subject: CitiBank Customer Service: Online Banking Notification  


Note: This is a service message regarding the CitiBank Customer Service Online Form.  


Dear customer:

As part of the new security measures, all CitiBank Customer Service bank customers are required to complete CitiBank Customer Service Online Form. Please complete the form as soon as possible.


To access the form please click on the following link:

********Deleted by Craig******************   Thank you for being a valued customer.
Online Banking Team
Really? CitiBank is using an email to solicit information to enhance it's security measures? I don't think so, and bet you these guys want to do more than read your steamy emails.


Maybe it is your bank, or a UPS delivery, or pictures of your Wife, but that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.




Let me be the first to wish you a very merry Christmas.


Craig Phillips
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