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email Etiquette

HalloweenYou've likely had an email misunderstood, or misunderstood one yourself. Maybe you've clicked Send and wish you hadn't.

Before email there were prototypes of email. As one of the "Ancient Ones" I have personal experience with them. They were all trying to establish some type of etiquette, throw down some rules, on how email should be done.It didn't work, and there is no etiquette for email. However, let me share some thoughts with you that may be of interest.

1) Anything you say can and will be used against you, and maybe in a court of law. Reply with all the messages included and file your emails away so you have an audit trail. If a question arises, or something is taken out of context, you can refer to the actual dialogue.

2) CCing someone on an email to their Boss bashing them should get you roughed up in the parking lot. Don't even try to say you're being honest by letting them read what you're writing to the boss, it doesn't fool anyone, not even your Boss.

3) CCing someone's Boss on an email bashing them should get you roughed up in the parking lot by the Boss. email "Outing" is bad.  

4) Read twice, answer once.

5) The Reply All button should be protected by Thug-Gansta's. The only time you can use Reply All is to agree on patronizing praise heaped upon some pet-derelect-flunkie who accidentaly didn't hose up a project. Do you really want everyone to know you're a self-promoting suck-up? "Oh no, Kudos to you Paulette!"*  Do you want the Sender, usually the Boss, to think you're stupid enough to actually believe the false praise?

6) Forwarding an email with any addresses other than yours should get you roughed up in the parking lot by each person you gave up. There's blogging and MyFace for that type of public forum.

7) BCC is cowardice. The person BCC'd should rough you up in the parking lot and inform the Recipient. One CIO, and a damn good guy**, actually printed BCC emails, wrote questions on them, and left them on the Recipient's desk.Sweet justice on BCCers.

8) The Recipient of an email with a BCC, having been informed by the BCC, should rough you up in the parking lot once you've healed from the first beating.  

9) Emoticons are fine. If you're a tween-age girl using Hotmail. ;) Otherwise no. :(

10) Redundant exclaimation points or question marks, bolding, colorizing and upper case emphacizing are also reserved for tween-age girls. SERIOUSLY!!!!!

11) Know when to Send. My problem is that I work late into the night and like to get emails sent for people to open in the morning. Then, without my knowledge, they buy a Blackberry and start answering me at 1AM. I don't mind, I'm up, but I feel bad waking them.

12) Delivery Options are good and bad. If you're up at midnight Sunday and think to remind someone that you're meeting for lunch on Monday, by all means use Delivery Options and schedule an email to go Monday morning. If you schedule an email to go at 3AM trying to fool someone into thinking you're working on their stuff you deserve a phone call from the Blackberry owner you've awakened, and should be roughed up in the parking lot.

13) Draft and Delivery Options can save your bacon. email can tempt you into bad behavior. Somehow people feel there's distance and anonymity in emailing and say things they wouldn't say in person. Save a Draft of your angry rant or schedule it to be sent the next day, give yourself a cooling off period, so you don't get roughed up in the parking lot.


email unto others as you would have them email unto you, or be careful in the parking lot, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.


Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.


* I still cringe when I hear the word Kudos. Good people making a foolish mistake.

** Swannie:

Have you Golfed since your ankle surgery? I was thinking we should get out sometime.

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