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Cocktail Talk

June 2016

Cocktail Talk

Dear Craig:   

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Fitbit Inc. is so smart. To sell their product they showed insurance providers how to run a bait-and-switch scam using Fitbits. The providers bought into it and now when you buy health or life insurance Fitbit has a new customer.


Insurance providers can now quote you a bait price based on the assumption you will achieve "Gold" status by performing healthy lifestyle tasks. Which include measuring your activity using a Fitbit. If you don't reach Gold status the price is switched to a higher one. That's the bait-and-switch of it.


The future was so bright Fitbit Inc. went public. FIT opened at $30.40 on IPO day and soared to $51.90 in the first six weeks. Then, through a series of big drops that it never recovered from, FIT dwindled to yesterday's $14.09.


Average points needed to reach Gold status are 7,000 a year. You can score about 3,500 points by taking online courses and passing tests. That leaves 3,500 points to be earned to qualify for the bait-and-switch rate you were quoted. You can get 10 points for 10,000 Fitbit steps in a day, about 5 miles.


With 365 days in a year all you need to do in order to get the bait-and-switch price you were quoted is walk 5 miles a day, every day, with a job and a commute that has you sitting on your ass for eight plus hours. That's hard unless you're a runner putting in 8K every day before work.


But there is hope, at least for me. If you join Snap Fitness you get 10 points every time you swipe-in to workout. But Snap Fitness isn't free, and that cost goes right on top of the bait-and-switch insurance quote.


You could get 10 Fitbit points for 8K on the treadmill and an additional 10 if you do it swiped-in at Snap Fitness. 20 points gets you down to every other day for a year to get your bait-and-switch price.


Then I added Life Insurance, with the same bait-and-switch quotes, and now I have to satisfy two Fitbit and Snap fitness mistresses, two different Gold status levels, two distinct sets of requirements, too much bullshit. Now instead of swiping-in I have to sign in with two separate iPhone apps every visit to Snap Fitness and stay 30 minutes while they time me.


Enough already, I may not be Anonymous, but I have ways to fight back.


I had 9,022 Fit bit steps at 11:00 PM.  Putting my Fitbit in a pair of socks and into the clothes dryer got me the extra 1,000 in no time. 


I can park in front of my Snap Fitness, sign into my health and life insurance apps, leave my phone in the car, and walk less than 100 feet to a restaurant, bar or vape shop. My apple watch will still get my phone calls, texts, and email so I don't miss a beat. With so many Snap Fitness locations you have lots of options. I can even grocery shop.


Put your Fitbit on your kid or dog and send them out to play in the yard. Cats do not score big points.


A 40 minute horseback ride gets you about 10,000 steps.


Golfing with a cart gets you about 10,000 steps in 9 holes. More than walking the same 9 holes which is about 4,500 for me.


Strap your Fitbit to your windshield wiper driving to and from work for some extra points.


Go for a boat ride, and if your boat has a windshield wiper, you'll be off the charts.


Don't start nothing, won't be nothing, and I didn't start this.



Do your laundry, get on your horse, drink a little, vape a little, make your kids or dog play fetch, or not, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.



Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips

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