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Cocktail Talk


August 2012

Cocktail Talk


Welcome to CN Consulting's "Cocktail Talk".


Cocktail Talk is a casual monthly newsletter intended to arm you with amusing bits and bytes of information on whats happening in the computer world. Topics sure to break the ice and capture an audience at many a social or business event.


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Currently, on Cocktail Talk - How to Hack a Gmail Account 


Cocktail TalkWell, obviously, we have hackers hacking Gmail accounts. They hack yo wife, hack yo kids, and hack yo husband. Cause they hackin errbody out here*.


It's easy to hack a Gmail account. You can Google how to hack Gmail, their own product, and they'll tell you. 


It's all "phishing", you're just trying to sucker the victim into giving you their information. The following bits come from one of the Google results for "hack gmail".


"Send the '**file name deleted**' file that you just created to your Victim Via email."

OK, we'll learn how to create that file soon.


"Ask the Victim to try the '**file name deleted**' software to hack someone else's Gmail account and somehow convince them to run that software and enter all information (which includes their Gmail id and password plus Gmail ID of the victim they want to hack)." 


OK, no problem there. Let's create the file.


"Step 1: Download '**file name deleted**' Software (extract the file to desktop). If your Antivirus deletes the file, then please turnoff your Antivirus or uninstall it and try downloading again."


OK, I'm turning off my Antivirus Software to download your trojan virus, um program. You are so dumb*.


"Step 2: Run '**file name deleted**' file and enter your gmail account details, so that the password of your victim can be mailed to you." 


OK, you've convinced me to run the software to hack someone else's Gmail account and enter all information including my Gmail id and password..... Wait a minute, are you phishing me? You are really dumb. For real*.


Cocktail TalkJust kidding, you don't have to go through all that. 


If you really want to hack someone's Gmail account all you have to do is go to the website and run this software and enter all the information including your Gmail account and password and.....Wait a minute, are you phishing me? 


So there you have it. The way to hack a Gmail account through phishing.


What if somehow a hacker does get the password to a Gmail account? 


Its obvious one of your contact's accounts has been compromised when out of the clear blue sky you get an email from someone you know addressed to a handful of people in alphabetic order around your email address. You know the sender and your Junk Mail filter lets them through. The email doesn't read like them, you can't imagine why you'd be on a list with 'those' people,  and there's a link to something you couldn't care less about. Somebody is just working through the victim's address book one bite at a time.


If you get the call that you're the one sending these bogus emails you would want to change your password.   


Sign in to your Gmail account. If your password doesn't work, someone has compromised your account. Get Gmail on the phone and have them change your password.


If your login works you still need to change your password. While we're there let's check a few things. We don't want nobody climbin through yo windows, snatchin yo password up*.   


Scroll down, find the Last Account Activity line. Click "Details." Check the Location box for any activity outside your area or from a strange IP address. This is a sign that someone hacked your Gmail. They done left fingerprints and all*.


Check "Change Password Recovery Options" to make sure there are no strange addresses listed as a recovery email address. If a hacker places one of his email addresses in this section, he can recover your password even after you've changed it.


Check the "Grant Access to Your Account" section. Unless you've added an account here, it should be empty. If someone hacked your Gmail and added themself to your account in this section they can read your email and send messages from your address without even needing your password.


It seems that in the sea of Gmail even if you think you're phisherman, you're a phish. Homeboy*.



You can run tell that*, or not, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.




Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips

CN Consulting, Inc.


* My sincere thanks to viral sensation, now wealthy "actor", Kevin Antoine Dodson and the Bed Intruder song.


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