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March  2010
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iPhones are PCs too.
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Cocktail Talk
Dear Craig,
Cocktail Talk
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Cocktail Talk is a casual monthly newsletter intended to arm you with amusing bits and bytes of information on whats happening in the computer world.  Topics sure to break the ice and capture an audience at many a social or business event.

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iPhones are PCs too.
The Vendors in the Tourist Shopping District in Mexico are very honest. I think the Mexican people in general are very honest. A Vendor in the Tourist Shopping District in Mexico is going to get as much money from you for his/her product as possible regardless of its real value or cost of production. There is no 6% over cost going on. And you, are trying to get their product, below cost, for less than its actual value,  "almost free". When you lose, it's the Mexican's fault. Baloney. You lost, they won, boo hoo.
In the Tourist Shopping District of America the Vendors are not so honest. The $29.99 blouse thats %50 off "today only" was $29.99 yesterday and will be $29.99 tomorrow. Punto finale.
AT&T sent me an email saying my contract was up and to show their appreciation they'd like their valued customer to have an iPhone, retail price $549, almost free. Of course when I called to do that they were out of the $99 one and I had to buy the $199 one. At least they were honest. Actually AT&T offered everyone on the planet an iPhone at $99, as long as you weren't already a valued customer. Valued customers were herded onto the elevator to the $199th Floor.
I really didn't want an iPhone exactly. I wanted any screen big enough to read email and see web pages and the iPhone has that. I also wanted my email to come right away. The iPhone has that too, so does Blackberry, so it comes back to screen size. But you know, I honestly like the iPhone. I'll explain why but first let me tell you I got bargain on that thing. It was almost free*.
There are people that report on what it costs to make things and guess what? The iPhone costs $172 and change to make. Yep. That's right. They make their money on the stuff you buy to go with it (Want fries with that?). I only paid $199. The mark-up is like the tip on a meal. Still, no reason to buy something you can't use. 
The iPhone has value as a business tool. It has phone, email, text, calendar, internet, voice notes recorder, alarm clocks, and maps, it can do work things.  Instead of getting off the train with a stack of To-Do's and emails, I'm good to go. 
I access client computers in far away places from wherever I happen to be. Granted its a little screen and tap-tap keyboard but it's right here, right now, not when I get to a computer or WiFi Hotspot.
The iPhone has toys too. Who cares, not me, it's a work tool. Punto finale. But you could listen to music on it, watch a movie, text your loved ones, take pictures of your new tattoo, video your Golf swing, or surf the web. Whatever. If that's not enough to make you totally unproductive, you can download applications (Apps) do to all sorts of stuff.
Just take out an iPhone in public and you'll get recommendations on what Apps to get. Just the other day a woman seated next to me in a dreary Board Meeting saw me deleting emails and showed me a better way, then recommended USA Today to replace my ABC News App. Its the "iPhone Effect".  Urban Dictionary defines it as follows:
"Shortly after one person in the group brings out their iPhone, the rest follow suit, ultimately ending all conversation and eye contact."
One guy, call him Mike (not his real name, maybe), has an App that lets you watch any basketball game on earth live. And if that's not cool enough it lets you toggle between the local Sports Radio coverage of the Home and Away teams. 99 cents, almost free, and it's yours.
There's also the status associated with the iPhone. Why? Its not like you have to be rich to get one. My Palm Treo and subsequent Centro cost way more, and you had to type with a stick, and the screens were too small, and they didn't work that well. Fortunately all the other cool people had them too and nobody was going to admit how bad they were/are. Again there's the iPhone Effect. Urban Dictionary continues:
"It's the feeling you get when you buy an iPhone and you suddenly feel as though you are the coolest person on the planet because you have a PHONE with an "i" in front of it. It's nothing to be ashamed of. It happens to every iDouche especially if it's their first iDevice. Typically the iDouche grows up and out of the phase. Sometimes not..."
Urban Dictionary uses bad words and is snippy sometimes. If they have offended you I apologize. I contacted them concerning this and was told to go to Helen Waite. Snippy, those guys.
For all it's functionality, friviolity, and popularity, the iPhone is not the Swiss Army Knife. The good people at Apple forgot to include a Bottle Openner. But, if you put the bottom of the iPhone up under the edge of the bottle's cap, and strike the other end of the iPhone sharply with the heel of your hand in an upward motion you can open a beer. You could also buy domestic, twist-offs, or cans.
iPhone, Swiss Army, imports or domestics, it's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.
Thank you for reading,
Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.
No, AT&T did not do right by me. I never did get them straightened out either. It took a charming little Mexican Salesgirl at Best Buy. She must have trained on the Riviera Maya because she got them to jump through hoops like a circus act.
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