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Cocktail Talk


January 2012

Cocktail Talk


Welcome to CN Consulting's "Cocktail Talk".


Cocktail Talk is a casual monthly newsletter intended to arm you with amusing bits and bytes of information on whats happening in the computer world. Topics sure to break the ice and capture an audience at many a social or business event.


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Currently, on Cocktail Talk -  Happy iYear


Cocktail TalkDid Santa bring you that iSomething you've been wanting? Did you have to cash all the Christmas checks from your Aunties and Uncles to go buy it? Maybe you'll have to wait for that fat tax refund check to come. In any case, there are a few iApps that may be of interest you.


LinkedIn / Facebook


LinkedIn reinforced it's "Facebook for grownups" reputation with it's App. Nice, clean, interface that's interactive unlike Facebook's cartoon bubble icons. It's free too.


The Home Desktop has four sections; Updates, You, Inbox and Groups & More. New activity pops up at the bottom, and you can Share and Search using the top bar. Clean and crisp.


Facebook does let us post pictures on the fly though, and that is so valuable when something really important happens that you need to share immediately and without time for thought. Like when you see some Leotards at "the Walmart", and Facebook is still the App that all other Apps write links to.




Where in the name of Scott Ramone (not his real name) am I? I'm hungry, let's get Mexican, where's an ATM? Tap-tap, done. I especially like Bing's Map feature. I'm a little blue dot, on the train, and the names of everything I pass are neatly displayed as I pass them.


Bing has a hook to Facebook and Twitter, Weather, Local (ATMs, Night Clubs, Mexican food) News, Directions, even Movie Reviews. It's kind of a Swiss Army Knife for the iToys. You can also, and get this, "Check In".


Check In is scary cool. Check In lets everyone know where you are, using your own phone to broadcast like those ankle bracelets you get from County, so they can find and join you. Imagine, you Check In and before you know it you have a Flash Mob right there in the Leotard isle at the Walmart. Apparently Check In does not work yet I don't think, because when I Check In nobody joins me.




rMaker is short for Ringtone Maker, and it makes ringtones from your music library. I know, you can buy music ringtones cheap, why bother? Maybe because you like the studio versoin better than the live version and either one better than the "tribute" version that you can buy cheap. Maybe you want the chorus instead of the intro, or the other way around, or something inbetween. Maybe you want to make a ringtone from your saved Voice Memos. Maybe "Honey, it's me, answer the phone.", or something else, cooed by your significant other or giggled by your adoring children. Maybe the included ringtones just aren't loud enough in your purse or backpack. Maybe, like in my case, necessity is the mother of invention.


AC/DC does not sell it's music on iTunes so any Hell's Bells ringtone you (I) buy will be tribute band muzak. So, you (I) need rMaker.


V1 Golf


The V1 Golf Digital Coaching System will cost you five bucks. Tap-tap, stick your iPhone in the grass, or lean it up against the tee marker, and knock the skin of the little white ball. Once you've done that you have a video of your swing that you can trim, cutting out the first three whiffs, draw on, play in slow and stop motion, and compare side by side to a library of pro Golfers.


Cocktail Talk

 ( A 2nd shot three off the 4th fairway at Twin Lakes CC )


As if that's not enough, you can post all of it on Facebook. Just select eMail Video and send it to your Facebook. You could even post every single shot you play so that your Facebook Friends won't miss out. I only say this because Check In doesn't seem to work.


Club Locator


Rotary Club Locator, not Night Club Locator (Bing does that), finds Rotary Clubs using your current location and parameters Range (mi/km), Meeting Day or Meeting Time. Pick a club from the resulting list and you'll have the meeting location and time. Enter your Rotarian ID and Password, and you'll have the names, phones, and eMail addresses of the club officers. Huge improvement from the website which assumes you know the location of a club prior to looking for it.


So many times I've thought; "That meeting went well, what a swell bunch. I wonder if there's a Rotary Club nearby that I can visit, make some new friends, network a little, and do a make-up.". I'm stocking up on club flags to swap now that I have Club Locator and I'll be seeing you soon.



Check them out, Check In, go to a Night Club, go to a Rotary Club, or not, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.



Thank you for reading,



Craig Phillips

CN Consulting, Inc.


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