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CherryWe read 1984 in grade school, in 1968, the message of the book was clear, Big Brother is Watching.


IamBigBrother 10.0 is "Remote Parental Monitoring" software. So is SniperSpy.


IamBigBrother 10.0 comes in a box that looks like laundry detergent with a 1950's father figure looking over his shoulder to watch his perfect daughter and her little brother in front of the computer together. SniperSpy has more of a Spy vs Spy feel. Here's how it works.


SniperSpy goes on the computer you want to monitor. Right, it "goes on", you don't install it. You probably wouldn't even know the password of the computer you want to monitor, and wouldn't risk getting caught loading software on it, and you don't need to. Just send an email to someone that is using the computer you wish to monitor, and when they open it, SniperSpy deploys (infects) like a Trojan Virus.


Once deployed to the unsuspecting computer it records chats, instant messages, websites visited, programs used and eMail. All of which you can access from your internet based Remote Control Panel. You can even watch the remote computer like television, as if you were looking over the user's shoulder. SniperSpy can be set up to take snapshots of the screen at timed intervals, like a security camera. 


Your remote control panel is also where your Module Creator resides. These are the modules you email to deploy SniperSpy onto the computers of unsuspecting email recipients.


It's pretty sexy too. Here's a quick peek at it so you can see some of it's functions.



One thing I like is the ability to remotely control the monitored PC. I mean, little Timmy surfs the web finally reaching the naughtiest videos ever and just  when it gets really good, bip, the Disney Store. Five or six well timed trips to the Disney Store and you could drive any kid nuts.


Timmy: "Daaaad, the internet doesn't work."


Dad: "Really son? Let's go have a look. Now, what was that website were you on again?"


Timmy: "OMG! You're like, soo retarded*." offers a bunch of software like this.  Best seller webwatcher is $100. IamBigBrother, Realtime Spy, SentryPC, Adv. Parental Control, and PC Tattletale are a little less.They all do pretty much the same, but not exactly.


Webwatcher says it can record everything and block websites you don't like but it sounds like you have to install it sitting in front of the PC. SniperSpy installs on the sneak but doesn't let you block websites. IamBigBrother boasts it can record both sides of chats and instant messages. Adv. Parental Control and SentryPC have controls to block programs, websites, and Windows functions.


Websites for the different monitoring packages are all availble through and have reasons why you should spy, and who you should spy on. Like children that may become victim to internet preditors, teens, employees that should be working, people using computers they shouldn't, and even spouses or significant others.


I wrote at the start, we read 1984 in 1968, and yes, the message of the book was "Big Brother is Watching". 1968 was during the Viet Nam War and the Democratic Convention, just before Kent State, and our teacher, Miss April Revolution (not her real name), taught us another message; "The Man wants you to rat out your people to The Man, people.".


Maybe you are The Man, maybe you think you want to know what's going on, but ignorance is bliss, and plausible deniability goes a long way, and therapy is expensive.  



So be The Man, or don't be The Man, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk.


Thank you for reading,


Craig Phillips
CN Consulting, Inc.


* It's how they talk.I'm not going to lie for them.

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