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March, 2011

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You're so vain.


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Dear Craig,

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You're so vain.


Wine"You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you."

Carly Simon sang that back in 1972. The song "You're So Vain." was about a self-absorbed lover of hers named Mick Jaeger, Kris Kristofferson, Warren Beatty, Cat Stevens, David Cassidy, David Bowie, or none of the above.


So if this sounds like you, and I don't even know you, it's not about you. If it sounds like you, and I do know you, it's still not about you. 


A dermatologist has a problem, a $189 broken disk drive in his practice's Server. One broken disk drive is problem, two is a disaster. I told him this on several occasions, emailed, called, and documented exactly what would happen if a second drive failed. $189, but the man said no.


These drives are very hard to find, but I know a guy who knows a guy and he said he could get me one, so I bought two. One to replace the bad drive, and one to keep as a spare because they were so hard to find. I put them on a shelf in the office and went to Mexico with the family.


I was actually composing an email to the dermatologist, beachside in Playa del Carmen, when the phone rang. "The Server is broken, it won't turn on, it was like that when I came in." A second drive had obviously failed. One of my partners came to his rescue, picking up the drives from my office (Lucky huh?), and started Disaster Recovery the same day. A few days later, stateside, I had a $600 international cell phone bill, the good doctor had a $12,000 invoice, and we didn't have a drive left.


We recovered everything from backup, right up to close of business the night it crashed. Things were still missing. Not from our side, from the software providers side. Turns out, the backups built into  two of their big three programs hadn't been working for months. Software people, even though the Client was promised foolproof backups, (Rule #4: Blame the Client.) said it was the Client's responsibility. 


Oh, and about that. Your software provider doesn't care what happens to you once you've bought their software. No matter what they promised to get you to buy it. Does your Cadillac Dealer care if your drink and drive? No.


Leopard Cubs practice killing before going on their first hunt. Teenagers practice driving before they wreck your car. Golfers practice, Ballerinas practice, Magicians, even Dermatologists.


Fortune 500 Companies practice Disaster Recovery. I know, I've been there and it's exhilarating recreating a multinational computer system from dirt and a rib.  Companies that can put a number on what being out of business costs do it. I do it. You can too.


Got a website? Call your web host and ask how you're protected. Most of you are going to find that you're riding bareback. Back in the day you developed your website on your very own PC and pushed a copy to the web. Not now, now we do all that in place, in the Cloud. The stakes are high and recovery time is way longer than ever.


Got that one rented application your company revolves around, the one with the hefty annual maintenance fee, call them. You pay for maintenance, get something for it. Protect your business.


OK, you back up your Outlook and QuickBooks files every week. Any idea how to restore them? Any idea if you even can? Ever tried? Will they survive whatever wipes out your originals? Have you asked these questions?


If you've got a guy, ask your guy. If you don't have a guy, get a guy. You can even ask me, maybe I'll be your guy. Maybe you are your guy. 


Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, that's your call, and that's Cocktail Talk. 


Thank you for reading,


Craig Phillips
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